My Jäger hunting knife has been developed in consultation with professionals and serious recreational hunters. It is designed as the field knife for carrying out the initial dressing down of game and the gralloch.


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The blade has a full, tapered tang and a stout working edge 10cm long. The point is dropped to prevent gut nicks during opening; the edge has a primary grind that goes just half way up the blade cheek to keep the blade tip as strong as possible and the micro-bevel at the cutting edge itself makes this knife quick to sharpen.

As with all my knives, the Jäger is a hand made knife made by me using traditional knifemaking techniques. The included leather sheath is also hand made by me from the best full grain 8oz (3.5mm thick) tooling shoulder. It is hand dyed and hand stitched and the edges are fully finished and polished.

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Dimensions 32 × 9 × 5 cm


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