Puukko (pu3.3)


This is a general purpose side knife in the Swedish Saami style.

The Saami people are the last indigenous race left in Europe and range from the northern Scandinavian countries to the western Siberian wilderness. They are rein-deer herders by tradition but also have a rich tradition of crafts to make everything they need to carry on a semi-nomadic existence when following the vast herds of beautiful, semi-domesticated animals.

I have always felt that the unbroken tradition of knife design within the Saami community offers the finest tried and tested design and bladesmithing technique in northern Europe – Knives perfected over millenia to work perfectly in such an environment.

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  • The stick tang blade is made from hand forged L3 high carbon steel.
  • The handle is English walnut with a brass bolster and pommel plate.
  • The sheath vegetable tanned tooling leather hand dyed and hand stitched. It has a braided belt loop.

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Dimensions 31 × 9 × 9 cm


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